Diego El Cigala: “They ask me for songs, I don’t have anything tied up, I let myself be carried away by the moment”.

Diego El Cigala, the outstanding Spanish singer who welcomed the Dominican Republic as his second homeland, revealed that once again the local public is showing its affection by filling to capacity, at the National Theater, the first performance of his tour “Todo lo que tengo”, which will begin here on the 21st of this month.

Due to the demand for tickets, the local producer, Cesarito Suarez enabled a second presentation for the 22nd, which has greatly celebrated the interpreter of “Lágrimas negras”, among other hits.

“This is wonderful that after years of not singing in the Dominican Republic that the tickets have sold out and that we have the availability to do another show. This is a joy for me because the public is eager, after this pandemic, after everything that has happened … people are eager to leave their homes to enjoy their artists, I am very excited,” he said in an interview with reporters from Diario Libre.

Diego El Cigala, who acquired Dominican nationality in 2014, returns to the stage and from here he plans to visit several countries to show a concert in which he has proposed to interpret, in almost two hours, the most relevant hits of his career. After his performances in the country he has in agenda to travel to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Miami and later he will go to Spain.

The concert should begin at 7:00 p.m. and has a duration of more than an hour and a half, however, the artist said that this will depend on them.

“I feel very happy to be able to start this tour in my second homeland. This is a country that I love deeply as I have said on other occasions. I love the Dominican R. very much and I am very grateful for how I have been treated here, they have made me feel like another Dominican.”

“Todo lo que tengo”, as he has named his tour, suggests that he will draw on all his music, but he goes ahead to clarify that his songs cannot be performed in one night. “It would be two or three nights in a row to be able to do my repertoire.”

For him and his team it has not been an easy task to make the choice that will give body to the show. But he noted that everything will depend on how the night flows and the audience’s own behavior. “People always ask me for songs, I don’t have anything tied up, I let myself go with the moment”.

The reopening

El Cigala assured that the Teatro Nacional will host 50% of the hall because of the health protocol to avoid contagions of COVID-19. “It is the only way to be able to do these concerts, we want people to feel comfortable and enjoy these concerts. This, without a doubt, will be a great opportunity to feel the audience live. I enjoy being in front of my audience, there where the horses are let loose, I enjoy it because there is an interaction with the applause of the people,” he said.

With a successful career and the respect of musicians, the flamenco singer and musician recalled his journey through the scene.

“Every day I like more and more what I have done. Every day I like singing more…I have had many anecdotes that our music, couples who have fallen in love, others who have separated.”

With more than 25 years active in music and approximately 12 record productions that have received Grammy nominations and platinum records, Diego el Cigala has collaborated with artists such as Tomatito, Javier Limón, María Dolores Pradera and Diego García among others.

In addition, he lent his voice to the Toy Story 3 character, Buzz Lightyear during several sequences of the Spanish version, giving it Andalusian and flamenco airs. He also participates briefly in the song that closes the credits.


A few days ago El Cigala was involved in a traffic accident, which fortunately had no negative consequences.

Recalling the moment he reiterated what he stated at the beginning of the conversation, when he talks about the love he feels for the Dominicans. “I was very happy with how people cared and I want to send a greeting to the people with whom we had the accident and thank God nothing bad happened. We had a small mishap with a hearse and fortunately everything was fine. I wouldn’t change from this country to any other in Latin America, because in the Dominican Republic I feel like a fish in water. I love the Dominican Republic.

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