Dominican Republic launches “Cabarete” playlist on Spotify platform

It is well known that one of the peculiarities of Dominicans is their love of dancing, which is why the Dominican Republic’s Tourism Promotion Office (OPT) for Spain and Portugal has created a playlist on the Spotify platform, which has been baptized with the name “Cabarete”.

In this way, through the musical notes contained in the songs of international performers, it seeks to formally welcome the summer and, at the same time, highlight once again that people who visit the Caribbean country can enjoy the best and most memorable experiences to the rhythm of the latest musical trends. Songs like “Mujer de cabaret”; “Me hace falta una flor”, by Luna Llena; “Sobre mis pies”, by Ronald Núñez, “El caballo blanco”, by Bolívar Peralta; “Tan solo quiero”, by Bachá; “Lobatón”: “Mamá”, by Llendi, among many others, are in this tropical playlist.

If you listen to the “Cabarete” playlist, you may suddenly be transported to those turquoise water beaches with fine white sand, surrounded by beach bars and bars, which promise continuous fun, with the most delicious gastronomy and paradisiacal weather all year round.

“The “Cabarete” playlist honors the resort town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, known as the capital of the Caribbean and hub of water and adventure sports, visited annually by lovers of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, as well as laser sailing,” a press release says.

Cabarete Bay is the site of the professional kitesurfing competitions “World Cup” and “Master of the Ocean”, which is an international elite sporting event, unique in the world, comprising the four disciplines of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding.

It also has one of the most beautiful spots on the island, Encuentro Beach, 3 miles to the west and one of the most popular surfing beaches in the Caribbean. And so time passes in Cabarate, between water sports during the day and between bars, fun and music at night.

Cabarete is an area with great tourist attractions, among which are the Natural Monument Lagunas y Goleta with caves of great biodiversity of fauna and flora. Thus visitors always enjoy its exotic Caribbean biodiversity, among dolines, mogotes, mangroves, swamps and tropical jungle.

Very close to Sosúa and right in the province of Puerto Plata, Cabarete has great international projection, combining mountains, lagoons and beaches of fine white sand, with countless stores, gift shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.


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