“El Papá de la Bachata” breaks records with Bachata Legacy Album

Luis Segura, breaks musical and world records with his production “El Papá de la Bachata, Su Legado” which has 4 volumes of 10 songs each called “Añoñados”, for a total of 40 songs recorded, interpreted and arranged where the artist is accompanied by important figures such as Romeo Santos, Charlie Zaa, Danny Rivera, Anthony Santos, among others.

Never before in the history of music has there been a musical production with 40 songs by the same composer and interpreted all together with 40 guest artists who said yes to be part of this historic production,” said Jose Luis Segura, son and manager of the “Papa de la Bachata”.

In this production, “El Papá de la Bachata” presents his last album legacy to the genre in which he was a pioneer, with an extensive and prolific career dating back to 1964, recording 56 years of uninterrupted validity.

“El Papá de la Bachata”, with more than 500 songs written and recorded, wanted to make this musical production as thanks to the declaration of bachata as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Together with the UNESCO declaration, this latest production by the most outstanding bachatero of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s represents the closing of a wide generational cycle of the rhythm, through which the pioneer of this musical genre symbolically passes the torch to the current generation of bachateros, who in this new stage put the name of bachata and the Dominican Republic on high in the most famous and important stages of Hispanic American popular music.

Luis Segura has been the most productive bachata singer and composer of all time.

With more than 500 of his own songs recorded, the quality of his lyrics broke with the vision that bachata was a genre loaded with vulgarity in its lyrics or in the form used to express feelings and with poor quality in its musical proposal.

The cleanliness and simplicity of his poetry, and his style, which earned him the name “El Añoñaito”, laid the foundations for the future positioning of bachata in the general public’s taste.

Luis Segura is the creator of a style of singing and playing his guitar that has made him worthy of being an inspiration for great interpreters of the genre.

His first song is “Cariñito de mi vida (1964)” and since then he has given body and soul to a Dominican musical identity par excellence, bachata.

The general production is in charge of Wandro Quiroz and the company WQ Producciones, together with José Luis Segura, son of the veteran bachatero and Segura Family.

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