Luis Segura receives special recognition for World Folklore Day

Luis Segura, “El Papá de la Bachata,” received recognition on the occasion of the celebration of World Folklore Day, organized by the Dominican Federation of Art and Culture.

During the award ceremony in the “Icon of Music” category, the organization highlighted Luis Segura’s 57-year career since he recorded “Cariñito de mi vida” in 1964.

Since then, his career has recorded more than 500 compositions with a unique style of interpretation, which earned him the affection of the Dominican people who baptized him as “El Añoñaíto”.

“This recognition is due to his long career and his contributions to this musical genre, declared by UNESCO in 2019 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and of which this performer is considered its main pioneer,” stressed the federation.

Luis Segura thanked the arts and culture federation for the special dedication, in addition to performing some of his historic bachatas, including his emblematic “Pena por ti”.

The event also recognized cultural manager José Antonio Montero, sociologist Martha Ellen Davis, singer-songwriter Ramón Leonardo, artisan and musician Rafael Lisandro Herreras, traditional healer María Nuñez Cleto, the Ballet Folklorico Ramón Madora, among other institutions.

The recognition of Luis Segura is given in the framework of the release of his historic album “El Papá de la Bachata, Su Legado”, which has 4 volumes of 10 songs each called “Añoñados”, for a total of 40 songs recorded with an equal number of outstanding artists, making it special and collectible.
In the production, the legendary artist is accompanied by important figures such as Romeo Santos, Johnny Ventura, Anthony Santos, Victor Victor, Charlie Zaa, Danny Rivera, Zacarias Ferreira, Luis Vargas, Ramon Cordero, among others.

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