Manerra arrives in Santiago and Constanza with its new tour

Young Dominican singer-songwriter Manerra continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charisma, taking his music to every corner of the country. With recent sold-out concerts in Santo Domingo, San José de Ocoa and Puerto Plata, Manerra has demonstrated his growing popularity and the devotion of his followers, who enjoy and chant his extensive musical repertoire.

Next stop: Santiago

Next Saturday, June 15, Manerra will arrive in Santiago to perform with his band on the emblematic stage of Victoria’s. “Santiago is my home, here I learned to read and write, I love this city, I love being here. I feel many beautiful things when I walk its streets, I am excited to return to sing”, confessed the composer of “Santiaguera Bonita”, a song that has become an anthem for the new romantic generations.

Constanza on the agenda

On Saturday, June 22, Manerra will bring his music to “La Esquina” in Constanza. Promising an unforgettable encounter for all his fans in this charming town.

Launching of “Bien de amore”.

Manerra also celebrates the release of his most recent album, “Bien de Amore”, a work that stands out for its constant exploration and innovation in both compositions and arrangements. “It is an innovative and challenging album, musically and conceptually speaking. A journey through the stages of love, from the beginning until the relationship concludes. It is my way of transforming ‘Mal de Amore’ to ‘Bien de Amore’. The sum of all the good things that love leaves us, even if it ends, is part of our evolution; even if it hurts, it will always leave us more positive things”, expressed the talented singer-songwriter.

Follow Manerra on his national tour

Manerra continues his national tour, taking his music and message to different cities in the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy his live show and be part of this exciting musical journey.

For more information about concert dates and details about his new album, visit his official website and social networks.

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