Rafa Perez wants to promote vallenato in Dominican Republic

Vallenato is a musical genre with great acceptance in Colombia, its native country, but it has not yet managed to penetrate other Latin American and Caribbean markets. The Dominican Republic is no exception to the rule, and some of its greatest exponents have set out to make this catchy rhythm expand its fan base internationally.

One of the artists determined to promote vallenato in this country is Rafa Perez, an artist with great talent and songs that have the potential to begin to win the applause of bachata and merengue fans, or even followers of other musical styles.

Rafa is one of the most influential exponents of the new generation of vallenato today, who took his music to the shoulder throughout the pandemic of the coronavirus, assuming risky strategies to keep the industry active, such as the “luxury” serenades, singing from a yacht in the open sea.

To take on this great challenge, the artist counts in the Dominican Republic with the businessman Joel Henriquez, president of LiBrijo, who trusts not only in his talent and vision, but also in a repertoire of high quality and possibilities to win over the most demanding music lovers.

“Rafa Perez is an artist with a lot of vision, who is very popular in Colombia, thanks to his productions in which the composers stand out, above all. I am convinced that by doing a promotional work at the height of his figure, things should start to change soon around vallenato and the Dominican market”, commented HenrĂ­quez.

Currently, Rafa Perez is promoting the single “Ella es la que manda”, a hymn to women, a romantic song that honors the man who defends the success between two people who love and support each other. The video clip has over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Joel Henriquez has a lot of faith in this artist: “In the Dominican Republic there is a significant number of Venezuelans and Colombians who know and support vallenato. This is a good starting point so that, once and for all, this catchy Colombian rhythm starts to be valued in its right dimension”.


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