Robby Ruiz, without forgetting bachata, goes to conquer reggaeton: “I want to experiment”.

At 22 years of age, Robby Ruiz is clear that he wants to go through each of the musical genres in which he can express his Latin origins, so, without leaving aside the bachata with which he debuted, he will now experiment with urban music releasing just a few weeks ago the single ‘Probarte’.

In an exclusive interview with Las Estrellas, the singer shares his intentions to give a twist to his beginnings receiving a good acceptance from his fans. “I really like bachata but I wanted something more upbeat. I want to experiment with a little bit of everything, right now we are starting with reggaeton,” he said.

However, within the six songs he is preparing from the Dominican Republic, you can also hear bachata, ballads, cumbias, pop and trap; in these Robby also intervenes in the lyrics in which, he said, he is inspired by love, in the feeling.

“I am very respectful, totally to women I like to talk about love, a kiss, the feeling of being apart from a person you love very much and I think people like that, you feel butterflies in your stomach,” he explained. “I like to talk about that because I think now the world is upside down and what we need is love.”

Robby Ruiz dreams of being able to take his music around the world on a tour with which he would arrive in October and November to the country in states like Puebla, Guadalajara, hihuahua, Monterrey and of course Mexico City.

About his inspirations, he shared, he would like to collaborate with Mexican personalities such as Christian Nodal, Pablo Montero and even Luis Miguel, figures that have been inspirations as well as Maluma, Romeo Santos and Bad Bunny.

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