“Sold out” begins Dj Adoni’s tour of the Dominican Republic

Julio Adoni Gross better known as Dj Adoni made a tour of presentations in the Dominican Republic that started last Friday “sold out” at Topacio Bar in San Jose de Ocoa.

He continued on Saturday with a presentation at the international event Latin Music Tours, at Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, where the Dominican got the audience dancing and singing along with his musical mix.

“I am more than grateful for the support and love shown to me by all my Dominican people, the truth is that without you I could not have made it,” said the musician.

The Higueyanos also witnessed the energy that emanates from the young owner of jocular phrases such as “Whoever wants to waste his time should give me advice” and “Attention neighbor, if the noise bothers you, move out of the neighborhood”, among others.

There Dj Adini took on his shoulders the responsibility of “warming up” the atmosphere for the presentation of the Puerto Rican singer Arcángel in front of more than three thousand people.

DJ Adoni’s tour includes 18 exclusive presentations, each at a cost of 500 thousand pesos, making him the most sought-after mixer of the moment.

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