Tokischa and Rosalia shoot music video in Dominican Republic

After her controversial photo shoot, to the rhythm of dembow, the urban artist Tokischa, was captured together with the Spanish Rosalía filming the video clip of their musical collaboration.

Although the title of the song and the release date are unknown, this is evidenced by a small audiovisual that circulates this Thursday in social networks, in which the artists are seen dressed in a strident way, typical of both, dancing with some dancers.

A few weeks ago, it became public knowledge that the 28-year-old Spaniard was on Dominican soil, and days later she was spotted with Tokischa, 25, in the populous neighborhood of Los Guandules, located in Santo Domingo.

Catholics in Jarabacoa province expressed indignation over a sexy and irreverent photo session that the urban exponent Tokischa Altagracia Peralta known as “Tokischa” took at La Virgencita del Puerto in La Vega, which is circulating this Thursday on social networks.

Thousands of people come to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Altagracia in El Puerto, on the Jarabacoa-La Vega highway, in order for her to fulfill her promises.
Jarabacoa Catholics consider it disrespectful that the urban artist has chosen this place for what they consider to be a photo shoot of perverted images.
perverted images.

The images were published on her Twitter account, with the text “Los Cueros también Oran” where Tokischa poses with horns and a sexy white wardrobe, a fact that has
The fact has shocked the believers of that demarcation and other places that have found out through the networks and circulate with messages of indignation.

In an exclusive interview for Alofoke Sin Censura, singer Rosalía talked about everything with Santiago Matías, highlighting how fascinated she is by the Dominican Republic and by the talent of some of the country’s urban performers.

The popular Spanish singer’s musical influences range from Amy Winehouse, to Juan Luis Guerra, and more recently Tokischa and Haraca Kiko.

I am surprised by Tokischa’s voice, her short voice in the instrumental, she is special, I see a lot in her”, said Rosalía. Meanwhile, about Haraca Kiko she simply longs to record with him, since she heard him the first time through the application TikTok she was hooked with his musical style. About dembow she commented that she likes it a lot, being a musical reality to be enjoyed, considering that it is at its best moment.


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