Tokischa and Rosalia with new song “Linda”

Several weeks after the world learned of the meeting of the Dominican exponent Tokischa with the world-renowned Rosalia, the fruit of both, a song titled “Linda”, was released on Wednesday.

The song was composed by TOKISCHA, ROSALÍA, Leo RD and Raimy Paulus and produced by Leo RD and ROSALÍA. The video for ‘LINDA” was filmed in the Dominican Republic under the direction of Raimy Paulus and as of today is already available, as well as the song, on all digital music distribution platforms.

“For me a great inspiration, Rosalia is a very disciplined woman, hard worker and a love of person, she is like an Angel. I am very grateful for this opportunity, to learn and grow” – TOKISCHA

ROSALÍA on her part surprises again by incorporating now to her list of hits a Dominican dembow.

The artist who has repeatedly broken the barriers of Spanish-speaking female artists and has been widely acclaimed as: “a complicated genius who has resonated like a shockwave reflecting femininity and strength…a leader of the new generation who has turned flamenco into a global phenomenon while becoming the most exciting pop star on Earth.”

“Toki is a woman full of strength, a key and necessary woman, someone who does not fit into any canon, but because of her acclamation of freedom she represents us all. I admire her because she is her, she doesn’t try to be exemplary, just to be her. This song was made in Los Guandules, where I felt the inspiration and love of a generous people full of art. Viva el dembow and viva rd” commented ROSALÍA.

Recently ROSALÍA had posted on her networks; “The women of the Dominican Republic are the ones who phrase the best, real” and it has been TOKISCHA the artist with whom ROSALÍA has decided to venture into this genre.

“Tokisha is an irreverent woman, she is a woman who speaks directly, who speaks loudly and that makes people uncomfortable and Tokischa is a woman who will break ‘heavy’ just because of the message she has for what she represents. She is a woman who makes people uncomfortable and women when they don’t do the right thing make people seem uncomfortable. So, well, in the end, women are always required to be that way and I think it is very necessary for women to be the way they want to be,” said the artist a few weeks ago in an interview with a media in the Dominican Republic.

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