Tueska delves into other musical genres and prepares new album

That inner strength that we all carry inside and that arises in the most difficult moments of life, has been the fuel to push Maria Alejandra Tuesca (Tueska) through the trials that life has placed in her path.

“I think that we, all of us, men and women, have gone through difficult moments of any kind, when we reach maturity and we can look back and remember those difficult situations, in the end the vast majority of us can conclude and recognize that that inner strength that one has is what really helped you to overcome these tests, those moments, those situations, that many times you think you can not with them,” said the singer and author of lyrics.

The Colombian who arrived in the country 14 years ago, conquering the hearts of the Dominicans, is convinced that “when one manages to overcome the tests, one recognizes, in addition to the help of friends, health professionals and spiritual, that there is an inner strength that is the real force that helps you get up and be stronger,” she said.

Feeling stronger
The challenges and experiences lived by the artist and composer of many of the songs she performs resulted in her new song “Fuerte”, a song arranged by her music producer, Colombian Pedro Vengoechea, accompanied by a beautiful video.

“This song allows me to show a part of me, it is a song that reflects how I feel today, it speaks of my evolution as an artist, as a performer, as a composer, as a human being and as a person. Now I am stronger, more confident and courageous.

I am a woman who you know can survive any suffering. This song can serve as an inspiration to others who may be going through a difficult time in their lives,” she added.

The song has more than 290 thousand views on Youtube.
With any genre
“Since I arrived here, I have participated in projects of different genres. I have the conviction that art is my thing, I have lived it since I was a child. I know that there is a very strong movement that is wrapping everything and I got infected by it, and I love it because it allows me to merge”, said the singer.

She continued: “My versatility is a gift that God gave me, I have to share it and I have to take advantage of it, I have not done even 20 percent of what I could do with my ability to interpret different genres”. She already has several songs for her album.

More confident

– The project
Tueska is sure that all the tests that come to one can be overcome. She is focused on a better thought out artistic project, working on good songs with professionals in the area that she trusts.

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