Activists marched in Dominican Republic against environmental pollution

This Sunday in the Dominican Republic, social activists carried out a mobilization from Independencia Park to the National Palace, in rejection of the construction of a tailing dam in Guance, Yamasá, and against the contamination of the country’s soil and water.

Social groups such as Movimiento Marcha Verde, Los Trabajadores Cañeros, Fenatrano, Campamento Loma Miranda and the National Human Rights Commission carried out a peaceful mobilization to defend other environmental interests of the country.

Other demands of the mobilizations included the withdrawal from the country of the multinational mining company Barrick Gold and the lowering of fuel prices.

A representative of the Loma Miranda camp, Patricia Guerrero, expressed that the protest is mainly a call “for the tailing dam in Guance not to be developed” and denounced that there are already five dams on the island, a territory “vulnerable to earth tremors”.

Other demands expressed in the mobilization were the mining expansion towards Loma de los Siete Picos and Loma Novillero, as well as the contamination of the country’s soil and water by the activities of Barrick Gold and Falconbridge.

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