Cotorra de la Hispaniola (Hispaniolan parrot)

Wonderful birds

The Dominican parrot, Hispanional parrot, Hispaniolan Amazon or Amazone Ventralis is and endemic species of La Hispaniola.

The Cotorra de la Hispaniola, is more or less 28 cm lenght, and its main color is green, even if its plumage is also yellow, blue and red.

Its beack is thick and powerful, its feet, short and strong are gray, while its tail is short and square.

The Dominican parrot feeds itself with seeds, nuts, buds and fruits.

The Amazone Ventralis lives in humid and dry forests.
Breeging and life

The Cotorras de la Hispaniola form couples for their entire life, and build their nests in tree holes, or in nests abandonned by another birds.

The female lay from 2 to 3 eggs and the incubation period is 25 days. These birds can live up to 80 years in captivity.


Hispaniolan ParrotHispaniolan ParrotHispaniolan Parrot

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