Environment activates organization for solid waste management in DR

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources held the first ordinary meeting with the members of this body, to share problems and present solutions that will allow for a cleaner Dominican Republic, in compliance with Law 225-20 on Integral Management and Co-processing of Solid Waste and its implementing regulations, which created the National System for the Integral Management of Waste (SINGIR).

With this meeting, this organism, which is key to promote education plans, policies and concrete actions to solve the problem of the integral management of solid waste in the country, is activated.

The SINGIR integrates in the same organism the key institutions that have a direct impact on the long term solutions that must be given to solid waste.

In this sense, the meeting was attended by the Minister Orlando Jorge Mera, in charge of the inter-institutional coordination, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera; the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar; Kelvin Cruz, president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (FEDOMU); Víctor D’ Aza, general secretary of the Dominican Municipal League; Ramón Santos, president of the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts (FEDODIM) and Diego Batista, director of Risk Management.

Orlando Jorge Mera, explained to each of the members of the SINGIR the role they will have within the organization in charge of coordinating the policies and plans for the prevention and integral management of waste at the national level.

“Together through SINGIR we will achieve the coordination and collaboration necessary for the application, probably of the most important legal instrument we have had in recent times, which is Law 225-20, which is where the solution lies and where I hope we can show, already in the coming months and years, the before and after, and with that we will see that President Luis Abinader will have gone down in history as the president of change in the Dominican Republic”, indicated the Minister of the Environment.

In this first meeting with the representatives of each of the member institutions, the different members of the SINGIR were also presented, who in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment, will create the strategies to be implemented in the coming months for the management of waste.

For the next meeting, to be held in 15 days, Orlando Jorge Mera instructed the representative of the Ministry of Education to present the educational plans they have in this aspect in the curriculum to be developed for the next school year.

Similarly, with the Ministry of Public Health, a meeting was requested with the Association of Private Clinics (Andeclip), as well as with FEDOMU and the Municipal League, meetings with the mayors of the country.

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, assured that the activation of this organism comes at the best moment because the institution he directs is creating the citizen chair, which will integrate in the school curriculum the contents related to Law 225-20 and environmental education, to be applied in the second week of September.

While the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, thanked for the integration to SINGIR which will allow to make beneficial and remarkable changes in the country. On their side, Víctor D’ Aza and Kelvin de la Cruz expressed their openness and availability in the municipal transformation for the education and management of solid waste.

About the SINGIR

The Law 225-20 of Integral Management and Co-processing of Solid Waste, in its article 20 creates the National System for the Integral Management of Waste (SINGIR) in which the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is the secretariat.

With this function, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has the power, during the first two (2) years of management, to convene regular meetings every 15 days.

Thereafter, the meetings will be every month. The SINGIR may be convened extraordinarily according to the work dynamics.

The regime of ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the SINGIR is described in the Regulations for the Application of the Law, 225-20, established by Decree 320-21.


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