GREMONT, a project dedicated to the use and conservation of the environment and natural resources

The Ecological Group of Montecristi, (GREMONT), currently represents one of the most interesting and applaudable projects of the province, being one of its main focuses, to promote the transformations of teaching and learning, with an interpreter of nature in alliance with the Ministries of Tourism and Environment and Natural Resources.

The initiative, managed from the heart of the localities, is a local development strategy that also promotes collective coordination and execution of actions.

Among the activities offered are: aquatic activities, co-management groups of protected areas, development councils, specialized nature guides for aquatic excursions, including boat trips to Cabra Island and land nature trails. But its main product offered is the kayaking experience in the Estero Balsa and Pepillo Salcedo Mangrove National Park.

It is currently made up of its president Soraya Rodríguez and some 27 people from the town of Montecristi, who are in charge of protecting the surrounding wildlife and at the same time promoting the ecological conservation of the province through tourism activities.

The ecological organization also shows a passion for the promotion of bird watching, so it gives the opportunity to its visitors and lovers of this activity to have a closer contact with them.

It is necessary to mention the significant contribution made by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which during the course of the project has been in charge of making intermediate visits to evaluate the possibilities of developing different experiences that can be implemented in the project.

Throughout its trajectory, GREMONT has received constant support from different organizations, many of which are the following: Sustainable Community Tourism, (TCS), Caribbean Bird NGO, who provide training by the NGO SOH Conservation, among others.

Undoubtedly the Jewel of the Northwest, is a province that captivates and in turn invites you to learn more about it, but now with the perfect excuse, live the experience that gives you the Ecological Group of Montecristi, (GREMONT), where healthy fun, contact with nature and adrenaline are the main protagonists.

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