Institutions join efforts in coastal cleanup day at Parque Submarino La Caleta

In order to join efforts in favor of environmental preservation and raise awareness about the importance of keeping our beaches and coasts clean, Banco Promerica’s Green Footprint Social Responsibility volunteers and the Rescate y Vida de la Caleta Foundation carried out a coastal cleanup day in and around La Caleta Submarine National Park.

The activity of collecting and classifying solid waste involved the participation of 70 employees of the financial institution, who together with their children from 4 to 17 years of age covered more than 30,500 square meters.

The Promerica Green Footprint volunteer program was created with the objective of leaving a positive footprint with social actions and sustainability activities that help the Dominican community and the environment, explained Promerica’s executive president, Carlos Julio Camilo.

He maintained that the financial entity continues to be committed to the sectors in which it operates. “We carry out various environmental impact activities to reinforce our commitment to the preservation of the country’s natural resources.

This is the first time that Promerica includes children in its garbage collection activity. The purpose of the initiative was to leave a positive message in the young people who participated in order to create citizen awareness for the future.

During the activity, the importance of raising awareness about environmental care and the impact of materials such as glass and batteries, which take about 500 years to decompose, was highlighted.

In addition to recyclable materials, the collectors found other types of waste that were sorted into bags for glass, plastic, metal containers, paper and organic waste in order to leave the area clean and free of debris.

This activity was carried out following the rules of distancing, to preserve the health and well-being of the participating volunteers.

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