Manzanillo Eco Aventura, an initiative oriented to the preservation of the environment

At the end of 2017, under the umbrella of the Association of Fishermen Marine Guardians of Manzanillo Bay, Manzanillo Eco Aventura arises, a group of environmentalist guides that promote ecotourism and preservation of natural resources.

This social project has been created from the heart of the people of Montecrista and one of its main objectives is to add value to commercial fishing and diversify the economic income of the families that make a living from this trade, at the same time that they serve as support to the agro-frontiersmen during their excursions around Manzanillo Bay.

During its development, Manzanillo Eco Aventura has been accompanying the Manzanillo Tourism Commission, with whom it shares the vision of expanding the group’s tourism services, in addition to positioning Manzanillo as an ecological, diverse, sustainable, and above all, safe tourism destination.

In this sense, and as part of their experiences, this group of environmentalists has developed under the concept -adventure route-, a nature trail by kayak through the Los Manglares de Estero Balsa National Park, with the interest of executing actions and initiatives in favor of the preservation and care of the environment.

They also invite you to go bird watching, visit the mangrove labyrinths, the floating platform and the path to the patriotic plaza and the mouth of the Masacre River. These activities are guided by the Asociación de Pescadores Guardianes Marinos de la Bahía de Manzanillo.


Manzanillo Eco Aventura is presided over by Hiciar Blanco, who, together with its 23 members, fights day after day for environmental protection, promotion of ecotourism, preservation of natural resources and reforestation of protected areas.

“With our actions we have always sought to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of safeguarding protected areas and natural resources, so we always try to train through environmental education programs in the communities,” said Hiciar Blanco while he said he was happy to know that thanks to these initiatives dozens of families have improved their income and with them their quality of life.

It is appropriate to say that the implementation of the Manzanillo Eco Adventure project had the support of different organizations, including the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), which in addition to the financial support it has provided, serves as the main promoter of the destination, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Sustainable Community Tourism (TCS), who have formed and trained them with all the logistical tools that the project requires for its development.

This province is loaded with places that show an extraordinary potential of natural resources and impressive beauties that invites to know and discover the brilliance of the habitat expressed in the abundant mangroves and the beautiful bay in the north Atlantic of the Dominican Republic.

On the instructions of the Minister of Tourism, the resumption of flights was negotiated and coordinated, which took place in December 2020.

Also, in May 2021, a Mega Fam Trip was held to relaunch the destination with 150 travel agents, tour operators and important personalities of the sector, to Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, followed by other Fam Trips until the end of the year 2021.

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