Mitur and the Environment promote ecotourism development

The executives of the European company Huttopia, Philippe and Celine Bonnssane, are in the Dominican Republic developing, together with the Ministries of Tourism and Environment, plans to extend the successful ecotourism project “Glampings” in the country as a way to take advantage of new natural spaces that promote the sustainable development of ecotourism in protected areas.

In an event led by the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera, the experiences and success achieved by the ecotourism group Huttopia in different protected areas and its expansion since 1999, as “the new art of camping”, in countries such as France, China, the United States and Canada, were explained.

Prior to this activity, visitors from the ecotourism group met with organizations, authorities, neighborhood councils, business owners, and interested parties at the Cabo Samaná Natural Monument, located in the municipality of Las Galeras.

In addition, a conversation was held with environmental groups: Jaragua, Sur Futuro, Academia de Ciencia, among others, under the same theme of the experiences of the Huttopia project, which took place in the Multipurpose Room at the Mitur headquarters.

The scientist Raymond Desjardins and Michel Durrieu (CEO Huttopia International) were in charge of the presentations.

Desjardins spoke about his experience with Huttopia in different protected areas and as an expert in the design of tourist spaces in protected natural environments.

In addition, both speakers spoke at the Conference “Development of ecotourism potential as a tool for the effective management of protected areas, from the experience of the management of parks in Quebec”, which took place in Auditorium I, Building A2, Campus PUCMM, Santo Domingo, with the participation of officials from the Ministries of Tourism and Environment, Asonahores, JICA, the national bank, Greenergy, members of the diplomatic corps, among other personalities.

This is the second visit to the country this year of the founders of the innovative ecotourism project of French origin, which has 80 “Glampings” around the world and more than 1,400 employees in high season.

The “Glampings”, a term that merges the English words “glamour” and “camping”, consist of beautiful and creative tented accommodations made of fabric and wood, and the Group has 80 of them in six countries on three continents.

In addition to the Minister of the Environment, the Deputy Ministers of Tourism, Carlos Peguero, Jacqueline Mora, Roberto Henríquez and Patricia Mejía, as well as representatives of Huttopia, directors and technicians of both institutions were present.

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