Mitur will issue resolution for hotels to eliminate plastics

Collado said that the necessary measures will be adopted to make the Dominican Republic a more environmentally friendly destination.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, announced on Thursday that in May they will issue a resolution for the country’s hotels to gradually eliminate the use of plastics, in order to make the Dominican Republic a more environmentally friendly tourist destination.

Participating in the 23rd edition of the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE 2023), Collado assured that they will adopt the necessary measures to make it a more environmentally friendly destination.

“Starting in May, the Dominican Republic’s strategy will turn a little to the right, we want to turn the country from being the leader in the region in terms of tourist arrivals, we want to turn the country into the most environmentally friendly destination with sustainable tourism,” he said.David Collado

Heat as a source of energy

The vice-president of the Dominican Republic Hotel Association (Asonahores), Andrés Marranzini, informed that there are about five hotels that are reincorporating heat production in the production of energy.

In addition, apart from electrical energy, they optimize their operation through heat production.

“The heating and cooling of water is also generated with excess energy production, that’s where we are walking and we are on that route,” said Marranzini.

Also, he highlighted that they have been working on the frequency of washing of all the victualling part and the sheets. “We are reincorporating the strategy of decreasing the washing program.”


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