Senate approves initiatives in favor of tourism

Bills declaring El Seibo and Santiago Rodríguez as ecotourism provinces were approved in first and second readings.

Santo Domingo – The Senate of the Dominican Republic approved in first and second readings several bills for the benefit of tourism in the country.

The bill that modifies Law 511-05, which declares El Seibo as an Ecotourism province, was approved in second reading; the bill is an initiative presented by Senator Santiago José Zorrilla.Iniciativas a Favor del Turismo

Also approved in second reading was the Bill that declares the Manglares de las Garitas Natural Reserve of Flora and Fauna, located in the municipality of Sánchez, Samaná province, an initiative of Senator Pedro Catrain.

In addition, on first reading, the bill that declares the Horseback Riding of January 19 in the city of Monte Plata, Monte Plata province, Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Dominican Republic, an initiative of Senator Lenín Valdez, was approved.

Another bill that was approved, but in first reading, was the Bill that declares Santiago Rodriguez as an Ecotourism Province, whose proposal belongs to Senator Antonio Marte.


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