The Carambola or starfruit

An exotic fruit

The Starfruit or Carambola is the fruit of an ever green tropical bush, belonging to the “Oxalidaceae” family. The scientific name is “Averrhoa Carambola” and in Dominican Republic is usually called “Five Fingers” (cinco dedos).

The Starfruit is oval shaped, elongated, with five wings and, the cut is shaped as a five tip star. It’s not too big; its length is about 7 and 12 centimeters.

The skin is fine, glossy and edible, colored between green or golden and yellow-orange when is ripe. The pulp is crunchy, juicy, soft textured and glassy yellow a little bit more fibrous and acid.

The bigger fruits of the Starfruit are tastier and sweeter than the small ones, with a more bittersweet flavor.

It’s a evergreen tropical bush with a height of 3 to 5 meters, which leaves are distributed along the branches, with a length of 8-18 centimeters. Short inflorescences and the place that the other leaves occupied, over 1 centimeter long peduncles.

The fruit presents itself in clusters in the branches and the frustum, thick berries and 8-12 5-6 centimeters ovoids or ellipsoids.

The Carambola contains vitamins A and C, phosphorus and potassium. Because of its input of vitamin A and vitamin C, which contribute to reduce cardiovascular diseases, its consumption is highly recommended for the kids, teenagers, adults, athlete, pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly people.

Because of its low content of carbon hydrates, wealth in potassium and low contribution of sodium, it’s recommended to people who suffer from diabetes, arterial hypertension or heart condition and blood vessels.

CarambolaCarambola Carambola Starfruit


The Starfruit can be eaten raw as well as cooked, and is delicious with a vinaigrette sauce dressing, at the same time is very used in the decoration of diverse exquisite dishes.

Mango and Starfruit Salad: Mix up mango cubes and starfruit stars and cool in the refrigerator. Make a puree with ginger, olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, coriander, Chinese chives, salt and pepper. Pour over mangoes and starfruit.

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