The Piñero Group promotes the care and preservation of Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic

Grupo Piñero has designed a series of actions aimed at guaranteeing the maximum environmental sustainability of its new hotel, Cayo Levantado Resort, which focus both on caring for the environment of Cayo Levantado and preserving its biodiversity.

This new resort has been designed to be integrated in a respectful way with the flora and fauna of the Cayo and its impact will be the least possible.

One of the main actions being carried out in Cayo Levantado Resort, through the Eco-Bahía Foundation, is the landscaping project where invasive vegetation has been eliminated and the island has been revegetated with more than 700 endemic and native plants of the island, promoting its preservation.

In addition, this island is the beginning of the reef zone of Samaná Bay, as well as a relevant refuge for birds, whales and corals. For this reason, the Eco-Bahía Foundation will work together with local NGOs such as CEBSE and FUNDEMAR in the conservation and restoration of coral reefs.

The use of clean energy sources is present in the resort through photovoltaic panels and an organic waste biodigestion system, which will generate energy for the hotel from the gas produced by fermentation.

The resort will also have its own water production plant, which will produce up to 6,000 liters of water per day by taking advantage of the relative humidity of the air through condensation, minimizing the use of plastics by bottling water in glass bottles and contributing to savings in water consumption.

Cayo Levantado Resort incorporates other measures such as paperless check-in, where identification bracelets will be used as keys, even rooms with zero plastics and sensors for presence, lighting, doors and windows, as part of the RoomXperience control system where guests will be able to control their actual energy consumption.

A building management system will also be installed to control all areas of the hotel, including rooms, air conditioning systems in the main areas, lobby and central spaces, main buffet, restaurants, as well as the control of the air conditioning pumping systems.

With this project, Grupo Piñero contributes to the biodiversity of the Samaná peninsula, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability in all the destinations where it operates through its different companies.


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