TUI Care Foundation to protect marine environments in Bávaro

The Dominican Republic’s TUI Care Foundation has partnered with the Bávaro Reef Ecological Foundation to protect more than 560 hectares of marine environments in Bávaro, Punta Cana.

Ambientes Marinos BávaroThe effort includes deploying buoys, organizing workshops and initiatives such as coral farming that educate and involve local workers and fishermen.

Its Bávaro Snorkel Lover experience aims to attract 30,000 tourists to participate in activities that promote reef conservation. In addition, the program supports local rangers in the fight against turtle poaching and manages a coral nursery to rejuvenate the sea urchin population.

The TUI Care Foundation also celebrates ‘Marine May’, a month dedicated to ocean preservation, highlighting the importance of protecting marine environments through various projects and educational efforts, ensuring that sustainable practices are in place for the future well-being of these communities and ecosystems.


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