UNDP and authorities seek to promote natural capital in the Dominican Republic

The resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Dominican Republic, Inka Mattila, said that this organization, together with the Dominican authorities, seeks to ensure that natural capital is taken into account in the country, as part of initiatives in favor of the environment and sustainability.

The term natural capital refers to natural resources seen as means of production of goods and ecosystem services. It is a way of estimating the value of an ecosystem. The term is also used in economic analyses aimed at taking into account the objectives of sustainable development.

Mattila said that initiatives such as giving the right value to natural capital are key, especially at a time when, after the coronavirus pandemic, “people worldwide are more aware of their environment and are looking for other types of experiences.

She added that they are working together with the Ministry of the Environment “on some novelties on how to pay for and take into account the natural capital”.

The UNDP representative in the country told Diario Libre that the recovery after the pandemic must be carried out towards an inclusive future with sustainability at the center, “not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is beneficial in social, economic and environmental terms”.

Sustainable tourism, a topic of work and discussion at the UN
“It also opens up, for example, various market niches by expanding tourism activities with a focus on sustainability,” she added.

Inka Mattila expressed herself in these terms during the delivery of an accreditation certificate to Sostenibilidad 3Rs, by the Dominican Accreditation Organization, which “recognizes the technical competence in its certification services of environmental management systems”.

Sostenibilidad 3Rs became the first company accredited by ODAC under the requirements of the Nordom ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015 Standard, for bodies that audit and certify management systems, according to a statement from the entity.

The accreditation certificate was handed over by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Victor-Ito-Bisonó and the executive director of the ODAC, Ángel David Taveras Difo to the general manager of Sostenibilidad 3Rs, Ginny Heinsen.

On her side, the general manager of 3Rs Sustainability, Ginny Heinsen indicated that the acceptance obtained from the national organizations led the company to work for the accreditation, to add value to its services.

“Being accredited means that we are considered competent and impartial and allows us to gain international acceptance of our services and recognition of our competencies,” said Heinsen.

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