Boncó reunites with his children in the Dominican Republic

Cuban comedian Conrado Congle – better known as Boncó Quiñongo – recently reunited his four children in the Dominican Republic, the two eldest living in Cuba and his young twins, who live with him in Florida.

The happy family reunion was completed by the comedian’s wife and mother.

“Right now google ‘happy man’, ‘content man’, ‘fulfilled man’ and this picture will come up,” Boncó said from the Royalton Punta Cana hotel where he posed in the company of his older daughters, Naomí and Natalí, and next to his twins Onyx and Onassis, in addition to his wife Regla Betancourt.

“Gentlemen, I want to share this moment with you”, said Boncó and then he introduced his children, whom he defined as a “bunch of beautiful mulattoes”.

“When I had just arrived in this country when I started to demonstrate, I was forbidden to enter Cuba and I left those girls at the age of five,” he said in the live broadcast. He says that after a while they gave him permission to visit the island for 10 days to see his sick father and he was able to celebrate the two girls’ quinceañeras. However, she vowed not to return.

“It’s hard, it’s hard work, but for me it’s dignified. I understand people who go to Cuba to see their family. I admire it, I respect it, but I’m not going back there until Cuba is free,” he stressed.

“Then I am a king. Because to be a king you only need to have your reign, even if it is small and particular, but with a family that makes you feel that way,” he wrote next to the video on Facebook, where he took the opportunity to thank the help received from the company Risa Travel.

“Happy to see you reunited with your family brother. Blessings to all”, wrote the composer and singer Willy Chirino as part of the thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments that the publication, made on June 11, aroused.

In the last hours, the comedian has shared new images that show how much fun the family is having in the Dominican Republic.

It is not the first time that Boncó Quiñongo manages to materialize a similar reunion. In October 2018, he was also able to reunite his family in Santo Domingo.

Based in the United States since 2005, in recent years the humorist has spoken out several times against the regime in Havana.

“First time that so many generations of Cubans unite in a common goal: freedom. We have the honor and the luxury of saying that we were making history on July 11, 2021,” he declared after the anti-government demonstrations of 11J.

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