Spanish Chef José Andrés: “I have been linked to the Dominican Republic for more than 32 years”.

The famous Spanish chef José Ramón Andrés Puerta, better known as José Andrés, arrived in the Dominican Republic to go to Haiti to join and supervise the aid that his NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) is providing in that country, after the earthquake that affected that country.

Andres arrived in the country through Las Americas airport on Iberia flight IB 6503 from Madrid, Spain.

At the air terminal he was received at the Ambassadors’ Lounge.

Interviewed upon his arrival at Las Americas International Airport, he expressed that the reason for his visit to Haiti is to integrate and supervise the aid that his NGO World Central Kitchen is providing.

“I chose the Dominican Republic because it is the easiest way to get to Haiti from Spain,” he said.

He said that the first time he visited Haiti he did it through the Dominican Republic by land.

“I owed the Dominican Republic a visit for a long time, it is a country that I love very much and I have many Dominican friends, I have been united with the country for more than 32 years,” said José Andrés.

“We have been helping the Haitian people for 8 days now with thousands of meals cooked daily,” he said.

He also stressed that they are buying food in Haiti as a way of supporting local producers.

He said that the first time he arrived in the country was when he was 21 years old doing his military service aboard the Spanish Navy’s Juan Sebastián de Elcano training ship.

He added that since that first visit to the country he fell in love with the Dominican Republic.

Finally he said that he wishes the best to the Dominican people, to President Luis Abinader and all his team.

Haiti has suffered a strong earthquake plunging, once again, the country into tragedy.

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