Techy Fatule reveals his fears, challenges and achievements in “Fiestas y Personalidades”

The artist is presenting her new single “Tú me quieres más”, the first single from her musical production “Sie7e”, which she started in March of last year in Los Angeles, and had to put on pause due to the pandemic.

Techy Fatule, an artist that the country has seen grow with firm steps in music, is the special guest of the program that “Fiestas y Personalidades” has as part of its proposal for this weekend.

In a very frank and pleasant conversation, Techy expressed that she has been in the entertainment media since she was 3 or 4 years old and there is still a long way to go. “There are people who perhaps have many dreams and do not dare to achieve them for fear of what people will say or for fear of failing, and it’s true, we all feel it. Probably because of that, I gave up my dream, and I dedicated myself to do other things. The artist also says that the loss of her grandfather Víctor Manuel Báez (Manolín), -father of her mother Tania Báez-, has been very hard for the family, “but we were able to say goodbye to him with a lot of love”.

With Yenny Lovera she talks about her role as aunt, and why she contributed to her son from social networks. “You have to live life for yourself, and then show what you want; at one time I exposed him a lot, and I want him to have things for him; there are achievements of his day to day life that I don’t want to expose him. I decided that he should have a normal childhood, that he should learn on his own, that he should not worry about likes or followers”.

On a musical level, he will tell us about the song he wrote to his son Dylan; and about his new single “Tú me quieres más”, which is the first of his album “Sie7e”.

The song, co-written with Claudia Brant and Josh Cumbee, has her very happy because she feels ready to continue with her music after having gone through a moment that challenged her mental health.

She says that “now I know the responsibility I have as an artist, the importance of a Twit from me, or on Instagram because there are kids following me. This time of introspection helped me to be a better person, and therefore, a better artist”.

About her figure she expresses -that for a while now- she has been very disciplined; she exercises and changed her eating style. “I’ve changed my way of eating for five years, I’ve changed my life, and now the change is more visible than before”. Also, she referred to her spontaneity and that she is happy making people laugh.

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This Sunday, there will also be the presentation of the book “El arte de transformarte”, written by the communicator Priscila Crunk, with a positive and hopeful message for humanity.

The novel singer Leybi D will debut on “Fiestas y Personalidades” with her most recent single titled “Dile dile dile”, a bachata with contemporary airs, of her authorship, with arrangements and production by maestro Dioni Fernández, which is being played on national radio, social networks and digital music platforms single “Dile Dile Dile”.

The content of the program will continue with our tourism expert, Salvador Batista, who will take us on a very interesting tour. Anny Polanco will bring us information about travel processes in “Más que Migración”.

This hour of healthy entertainment is broadcast every Sunday at 7:00 p.m., on Canal 4 RD, also on Canal 17, Miavisión Canal 8 of Puerto Plata and Unikaradio, on Tuesdays.

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