Vice President to lead activities for Dominican Republic National Day at Expo Dubai 2020

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, will travel tonight to Dubai to participate in the activities that will be held this week for the National Day of the Dominican Republic, in the Dominican pavilion in the framework of Expo Dubai 2020.

The trip is due to the fact that since last October, the Dominican Republic has been exhibiting a stand at the most important multi-sector event in the world, Expo Dubai 2020, where the exportable offer of national products, the favorable investment climate, tourist and cultural attractions, as well as the hospitality that distinguishes Dominicans, are being strategically promoted.

The Vice-mandataria and president of the Investment Promotion Cabinet is attending on behalf of President Luis Abinader and is scheduled to depart from the Las Americas Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez International Airport this Tuesday night, on a commercial flight to Madrid-Barajas Airport, where she will make a stopover.

During his stay in Dubai, Peña will hold meetings to promote Dominican exports, foreign direct investment and strengthen commercial relations between the two nations.

On the occasion of the National Day of the Dominican Republic, a high-level Dubai delegation will attend the Dominican pavilion and participate in the various cultural activities scheduled. Among them will be a presentation by Edgar Molina and Riccie Oriach accompanied by instruments representing Dominican music, along with a choreography organized by Héctor Farías, director of the Dominican Ballet in Europe, in which typical Dominican costumes and characters will be shown.

The National Day will culminate with a 15-minute video about the Dominican Republic that will be shown in the pavilion’s dome, the largest 360 projection in the world, located in Al Wasl Plaza.

The country’s participation in Expo Dubai 2020 has allowed the Dominican Republic to showcase its national potential to 190 countries attending this important fair for almost six months.

The objective of this exhibition is to stimulate the economic, cultural and scientific growth of the participating nations. It is held every five years; the first one was held in London in 1851, more than 170 years ago. This edition of Expo Dubai 2020 has been attended by more than 15 million visitors.

The aim is to stimulate foreign investment and the economic, cultural and scientific growth of the participating nations, building new paradigms for sustainability and technological transformation.

The Dominican pavilion is designed and set up to give visitors a unique experience of the country’s culture and attractions, with the aim of attracting tourists, investors and other potential business partners, and has exceeded 4,900 visits per day.

The vice-president plans to conclude her agenda on Sunday and will return by commercial flight through the Las Americas International Airport Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez.


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