Nashla Bogaert and her Samurai flip-flops: “What comfort”.

Actress and communicator Nashla Bogaert pleased her Instagram followers and used some original Samurai flip-flops, this after having uploaded an image where she was seen wearing a version of these footwear that to many do not bring back the best memories.

As expected, the image was well received by her followers, with more than 165 thousand likes, and even figures such as the first lady of the Dominican Republic (who is very active on social networks), Raquel Arbaje commented on the publication.

“And as promised is debt!!!! Today I went down with the original, the authentic, the incomparable, Samurai. What a comfort,” wrote the star of “No es lo que parece” and “Hotel Coppelia”, both movies currently playing.
Nashla Bogaert is a Dominican actress, dancer and television host. She is known for co-hosting the hit show “Divertido con Jochy” and for her roles in the films “¿Quién Manda?”, “Código Paz” and “Reinbou”.

Bogaert is co-producer of Dominicana’s Got Talent, the Dominican version of Simon Cowell’s British reality television format Got Talent. She is also one of the most followed Dominican figures on social networks, on instagram she has over 2 million 300 thousand followers.


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