Spanish celebrities delighted with “Quisqueya la Bella”.

The island of Hispaniola, as the territory shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti is also known, has a historical relationship with the European country from which it got its name, Spain, even though this link is marked by events that are remembered with sadness or anger by some, but for most people it is a disagreement that has been trapped in the history books.

Figures of the Spanish art and show business world have been seduced by the charms of the paradisiacal landscapes located on this side of the island or by the striking art that emanates from the Creole talents, which have attracted them especially in the last months of pandemic that the world is living.

The Dominican Republic is, without a doubt, one of the favorite destinations, not only for stars from the European continent, but from all over the world.

Mario Casas

Recently, the actor Mario Casas visited us, who during his visit to the island, in addition to enjoying tourism, did a feat to preserve it.

The interpreter of “Hugo” in the movie “Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo”, joined the Ministry of Environment during a day of ecological restoration in Palmilla, Cotubanamá Park and appears in a video that went viral on social networks planting a tree.

“I come from a protected area right now: Catalina Island, which is a beautiful place. So I invite you all, Dominicans and non-Dominicans. It’s a beautiful place, you have to come and visit. I send you a big kiss and thank you for these places, for taking care of them”.

Álvaro Morte “El Profesor” (The Professor)

From the same film industry, actor Alvaro Morte, best known for his powerful portrayal of “El Profesor” in “La Casa de Papel”, was in the country last May.

Morte left evidence of his stay in the stories he posted on his Instagram account, where there is a video in which he shows a tour of a sector of the Dominican Republic.

Although he is best known for his character in LCDP, he came to the country with the objective of filming scenes for the new Amazon series, “Sin Límites”, in which he personifies Juan Sebastián Elcano.

“La Rosalia.”

We continue in art, but this time we move on to music and talk about one of the visits that has caused more commotion and interactions, and is that an artist like “La Rosalía” was not going to go unnoticed by the country.

Rosalía Vila Tobella announced her arrival in the country last July 30 with a publication on her Instagram account, in which she presents photos of the walk she took through the Colonial Zone.
Subsequently, a video was spread on the networks in which the Spanish artist appeared next to the trap artist, Tokischa in the Colonial Zone, which caused users to speculate about a possible collaboration between the two.

And indeed, the song “Linda” was the result of that combination of talents, which took place a month ago. The artist, as of today, is still in the country.

Ester Expósito

Another female quite recognized for her participation in the series “Elite”, with her role as “La Marquesita”, is Ester Expósito.

The most followed Spanish actress on Instagram so far, with 28.6 million followers, went on to say “Hello” to the Dominican Republic, through a 3-picture reel on her networks, in which she posed while in a hotel in the country last June.

Juan Magán

The producer, composer and singer Juan Magan, was also charmed by the art and for many years, has had a link with the Republic, as he is married to a Dominican, with whom he has 3 children, and later became a Dominican national, keeping dual nationality.

The artist has proclaimed on some occasions that he feels as Dominican as he does Spanish.

In recent months, Juan Magan, also a DJ, has been working as a judge in the first season of the singing reality show “The Voice Dominicana”.

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