Real Estate Registry and Superintendency of Banks seek to strengthen real estate and financial registry systems

The institutions seek to strengthen the real estate and financial registry systems, for which they have established a cooperation route for the protection of the users of the national financial system.

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. – The Real Estate Registry (RI) and the Superintendency of Banks expressed their mutual interest in strengthening the channels of institutional collaboration for the protection of the users of the financial system of the Dominican Republic.

Within this framework, the president of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Registry and of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), Magistrate Luis Henry Molina Peña, and the Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández W., held a meeting.

With this approach, a cooperation route is established to strengthen the digitalization process of real estate transactions and the realization of assets of the financial intermediation entities that are in the process of liquidation and dissolution. In addition, at the meeting the parties discussed issues related to the jurisdictional area and the strengthening of user services.

This joint work involves the establishment of official channels of communication between the Superintendency of Banks and the Real Estate Registry, a dependency of the Judicial Power Council, directed by Magistrate Molina Peña; Council Magistrate Modesto Martínez Mejía; the National Director of Title Registries, Ricardo Noboa; the National Director of Cadastral Measurements, Ridomil Rojas, and the General Administrator, Jhonattan Toribio.

“The objective is to establish technical cooperation between both institutions to strengthen the country’s real estate and financial registry systems,” said Molina Peña, who designated a working table for administrative matters and another for jurisdictional matters in support of the Superintendency of Banks.

The Superintendent of Banks thanked the Real Estate Registry for the support received for projects undertaken by the supervisory body of the financial system and for the disposition adopted in the Judicial Branch to work together to strengthen inter-institutional ties.

Present with Fernández were Juan Francisco Mendoza Valdez, manager of the Superintendency of Banks; Luz Argentina Marte Santana, Legal Director; Enmanuel Cedeño Brea, Deputy Manager of Regulation and Innovation; Nicole Marie Brugal Pagán, Director of Operations; Ysabel Cristina Salazar, Deputy Director of Operations and María Teresa Fernández, Senior Legal Analyst.

Also present for the Judicial Branch were Ángel Brito, general director of Administration and Judicial Careers; Melisa Bretón, general technical director; Mariloy Díaz, director of Innovation and Quality; and Javier Cabreja Polanco, general coordinator of Communications and Public Affairs.

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