Wealthy Haitians buy businesses and rent homes in the country

Not only the wealthy class is leaving neighboring Haiti for the Dominican Republic.

More and more are arriving and now they are doing it in a definitive way with the purchase and renting of real estate.

They are buying and renting houses in the urban area and also commercial premises. In addition, they are interested in making investments in tourist areas and commercial offices.

In a survey with important brokers, such as the Association of Real Estate Companies (AEI) and Remax, revealing data was obtained about the movement of these strata and social classes in Haiti in view of the crisis and insecurity prevailing in that country.

Focus on the capital
Alberto Bogaert, president of the AEI, confirmed that there are wealthy people interested in renting premises of merchandise stores, clothing and household goods stores, restaurants and other establishments in “very busy areas” of the capital city.

“In my case, I have recently worked to rent premises for businesses on Mella Avenue, for Haitian food restaurant, and another for sale of clothing and household items on Duarte Avenue, for sale of wholesale items,” revealed Bogaert.

Haitians doing business are leaving their country due to the chaos there. Many have gone to Mexico, Chile, the United States and France in search of work, as a means of subsistence, and the richer ones have left with their families elsewhere.

Haiti is going through a difficult social situation that has increased after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

They go to the tourist area
Another real estate agent confirms that she has recently rented, in the tourist zone of Las Terrenas, to Haitian families, and has sold them a place to install an office.

Another real estate broker explains that he has sold a house in the Isabel Villas residential area and has rented to another family a house near the Malecon area, in Santo Domingo.

“There is a movement, yes, with Haitians”, said the businessman, who also points out that people from Haiti, with US citizenship, are buying homes in the Dominican Republic, in low-cost projects, but also in exclusive areas of La Romana and Punta Cana.

They all want to have an apartment here and, apparently, the main reason is that they are next door and they come with dollars.

Renting homes
Mélido Marte, president of the real estate agency Remax Metropolitana, also confirmed that they are registering rentals of houses and businesses and in tourist areas, from Haitian citizens.

In the Dominican Republic there is an investment law and another one that facilitates the entry by retirement, which helps legal foreigners to place capital here, without many restrictions.

The insecurity experienced by Haitians has begun to increase migratory pressures towards the big cities and border provinces. The flow is increasing and they have already settled in residential and other places, such as mountainous and agricultural zones.

Yesterday, Listin Diario published a report on the increase of visa applications in the Dominican consulates, with the intention of settling on this side of the island.

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