Sustainable Investment Workshop : “Competitive Macadamia”

On march 20th, 2010

Directed to: Farmers, land owners, investors and to general audience interested in the seeding process of Macadamia.

With the vision that Macadamia cultivation is a competitive and hopeful item for the sustainable development of our island, we invite you to participate to the Sustainable Investment workshop Competitive Macadamia. A technological whole will be presented to enable you to discover in a detailed way all the of seeding, harvest and after harvest process.

The workshop will be directed by engineers Hernán García and Juan Ureñia, international experts with an important experience concerning the Macadamia cultivation.

  • Place : Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa
  • Date: March 20, 2010
  • Hour : From 10.00 am to 04.00 pm
  • Cost : RD $ 1500 p/p
  • Please call this number if you are interested 809-221-1211
  • Email : [email protected]
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