Bahia Doña Charo Restaurant

As is well known, Pedernales enjoys a rich and wide gastronomic offer. In Doña Charo’s Creole restaurant you can corroborate it. It is characterized by placing its own seal full of flavor in the mouth to its different and tasty dishes, such as lambí, fish, lobster, shrimp, among others.

Doña Charo is a hard-working, enterprising woman with a vocation for service, who proudly says that the business that started selling corn bread and other types of sweets, today is something completely different; and thanks to her effort and that of her family, she has had the opportunity to expand and establish a beautiful place, full of flavor and charm.

For Rosario Sanchez, her business represents a blessing and the livelihood of her and her family, so she is grateful to all the tourists who visit her, support her project and at the same time delight and enjoy her exquisite dishes.

To make the adventure more complete, this business offers the alternative to its customers boat trips to Bahia de las Aguilas, one of the most spectacular and beautiful beaches in the southern region and throughout the country for its attractive features of crystal clear water, white sand and majestic views.

Rosario Sanchez, better known as Doña Charo, is the one who receives her own clients and is ready to welcome you on your next visit to Pedernales and provide you with the best of services in her restaurant located on the Cueva de los Pescadores road in the province.

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