Bella Vista Restaurant – San Cristobal tourism promoter

If you are not afraid to try new dishes and seafood defines your culinary tastes, then you should not miss Bella Vista Restaurant, a gastronomic corner located in the southern zone, specifically in the community of San Cristóbal on the banks of the Valdesia dam in the municipality of Cambita Garabitos.

This cozy restaurant, whose name honors the natural beauty that surrounds it, less than three years after its opening, has become the center of welcome for hundreds of national and international tourists who visit this locality.

Bella Vista Restaurant is designed and built with elements that evoke nature with the intention that visitors can rejoice in the goodness of the habitat, while enjoying a wide variety of seafood dishes.

Its gastronomic offer specializes in the preparation of freshwater fish, among them: steamed fish, coconut fish, fried fish and pickled fish, which is a delight for the palate of the dozens of tourists who visit it.

In addition, it has a wide selection of Creole dishes oriented to the ancestral rescue; for this reason they are seasoned with natural products and cooked over firewood, so that they can preserve their flavor and sequence.

As part of its amenities, this cozy gastronomic corner has two terraces with capacity for 100 people, ideal for the celebration of any social activity. It also has a camping area, ecological shower and children’s area. It also offers hiking services, boat tours to the pools of Muchas Aguas and Four Wheel rides.

According to its creator and owner Wilbin Rodríguez, this ecotourism project was born to serve as a promoter of the destination of San Cristóbal. He also assured that the entire space of the restaurant is designed with elements that evoke nature with the intention that every tourist who visits them connects with the biosphere and can feel at peace and harmony with their inner self.

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