New Adochefs board of directors focuses on enhancing the country’s gastronomic culture

The Dominican Association of Chefs (Adochefs) and its new board of directors, presided by chef Alejandro Abreu, presented the various activities and projects that will be developed during 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 in the areas of training, education and inter-institutional alliances.

Abreu expressed that “the plans and projects of the new board aim to raise the education of our chefs at the national level, promote Dominican cuisine contributing to a greater dissemination of the country’s gastronomic culture, establish alliances with institutions in the sector, national and international, and at the institutional level achieve a significant boost and strengthening of Adochefs in different areas.

“One of the pillars of the gastronomic growth of the people is culinary education, and in this sense, in Adochefs we will begin our season of master classes aimed at professional chefs and culinary students, with various topics including Products and Avant-Garde Techniques, Basic Chocolate for cooks and a Seminar on Sustainability of Kitchens. This continuing education program will allow them to update their techniques, thus contributing to their professional growth,” he said.

He expressed that “we have established an alliance with the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) to train all OPT personnel in Dominican Gastronomic Culture, as a way to promote our cuisine and the main tourist attractions of our country”.

Abreu spoke in these terms while participating in a cocktail party held at the Mesón de la Cava restaurant. Abreu was accompanied by chefs Patricia De Marchena, vice-president; Luis de la Nuez, secretary general; Liza Yanez, treasurer; Elaine de Windt, member; Leandro Diaz, cultural manager; Raymond Rodríguez, Central Cibao liaison and Hubert Reyes, in charge of the Feed The Planet program.

Among the new actions to be implemented by Adochefs, with the endorsement of the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) will work on a Certification Program for Restaurants in Sustainability, with the Feed the Planet seal, through which good practices in the kitchens will be certified, from solid waste management, food waste control, education of personnel in sustainable gastronomy and food utilization.

As part of the training activities, the country’s chefs will also be able to register free of charge for a Certification for Restaurant Line Cooks, granted by Adochefs and the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS).

In the certification, which is free of charge, participants complete the curriculum at their own pace and upon completion and approval, they are certified internationally by both institutions, according to a press release.

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