Three places to eat delicious food in Pedernales

The province of Pedernales, located in the southwest of the country, in addition to the beauty of its beaches and unparalleled biodiversity, is also known for its exquisite and varied cuisine.

If you visit this picturesque southern province, be sure to visit the following restaurants, where you will delight your palate with just a taste.

Admiring the waves and feeling the sand on your feet whets your appetite and many restaurants, aware of this, have taken advantage of this to build their gastronomic concept in this environment, one of them is El Navío Bar and Seafood.

This restaurant strategically located on the shores of Pedernales Beach, in the heart of the city, offers a fresh and youthful proposal, in which it incorporates its tropical and local atmosphere to a contemporary cuisine proposal, where the ingredients are the star of the place.

Its menu is made up of local products and sustainable fishing, with a select list of seafood dishes, the most popular being lobster, chillo, mixed seafood mofongo, grilled lobster, mixed seafood pasta and fried fish.

This cozy gastronomic corner also stands out for sharing a menu of classic and house cocktails, as well as a selection of wines specially designed to form the perfect pairing for your food.

Thanks to its location, El Navío Bar and Seafood, is the perfect place for romantic evenings, family reunions or meetings with friends.

Pedernales is one of the destinations with the greatest gastronomic offer in the country, so its inhabitants appreciate projects with initiatives that enhance their cuisine, and this is just what Quintina Grill and Bar does, a restaurant that after only six months of opening has become the favorite of Pedernalenses.

This restaurant, located on Libertad Avenue in Pedernales, operates in a minimalist environment with elements that evoke nature, making the restaurant a space full of light and tranquility; at night its atmosphere is romantic with dim lighting, emanating a small-town vibe perfect for enjoying a quiet dinner and prolonged after-dinner conversation.

In its menu you can find dishes with grilled and wood-fired flavors. Among its not-to-be-missed dishes are: barbecue, mofongo, octopus, lobster, among other dishes that you can’t miss.

Quintina Grill and Bar is a charming place, ideal for family or social gatherings, baptisms, birthdays or a romantic evening.

This restaurant, located in a charming terrace on Cabo Rojo beach, is perfect for those who wish to eat in front of the sea, without necessarily being on the sand.

The region of Pedernales is famous for its exquisite fish and seafood and Rancho Típico Cuevas de las Águilas is aware of this, so in each of its dishes they strive to highlight the color and texture of local products.

Their menu is composed of a large number of dishes, among them: the “Bahiafongo”, an exquisite version of mofongo stuffed with seafood; seafood paella and fried fish. They also offer meat options; the traditional Dominican flag and a wide variety of juices and cocktails that go perfectly with each of their dishes.

Rancho Bahía de las Águilas is the flagship restaurant of this southern area, developed in comfortable facilities, a feature that makes it the perfect place for family reunions, among friends or simply a romantic evening.

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