UDON Asian Food to open restaurant at Las Americas airport

UDON Asian Food relaunched its international expansion plan and in the second half of the year will open restaurants in the Dominican Republic, the United States (Miami) and Puerto Rico.

As part of its international plan, UDON will open two restaurants in the airports of the Dominican Republic (Las Américas-AILA) and Puerto Rico (Luis Muñoz Marín).

It will do so through a franchise agreement with MGI, a Puerto Rican group that includes service and catering companies in Caribbean airports.

In its new strategic plan, UDON is focusing its international growth on the American continent, especially in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Chile.

Outside Spain, UDON already has one restaurant in Portugal and another in Andorra. In both Mexico and Portugal, it has two more franchises pending completion of construction work. By the end of 2021, the chain will have 7 restaurants abroad.

At national level, UDON has just opened a new franchise in Barcelona (Gran de Gràcia) and will open two more in Lleida and Vitoria, which will add to the current 67 restaurants.

The chain’s priority is to grow in Andalusia, in the Levante area and also in Madrid, where it has 8 restaurants but only two at street level. Its model for the future is larger premises, on the street or in the shopping center, and, if possible, with a terrace.

Jordi Pascual, co-founder of UDON, assures that “consolidating our concept of quality, healthy and sustainable Asian cuisine is our main objective. The second is to grow again at a steady pace, with new restaurants in places where we know we can open a UDON while minimizing the risk as much as possible”.

“It has obviously been a difficult year for the sector, but we are very optimistic: we have customers who ‘love’ the brand not only because of our dishes, but also because we are driven by values such as respect for the environment and innovation, which are priorities for us,” he said.

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