Al Horford says he will bring NBA champion trophy to DR

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, published on his social networks the video call he had with Dominican Al Horford, who won his first NBA ring with the Boston Celtics.

In the call, the professional basketball player told Abinader that the trophy won would be brought to the country.

“We are going to bring the trophy there and we have to coordinate the arrival,” said Al Horford.

They also said that the meeting will be coordinated to receive in the best way.

“The truth is that I feel very proud, I would like to see when you are here for us to give you recognition, invite many people because we have to promote good news like this,” said Abinader.

In the call, he also expressed his pride and joy for the achievement of the athlete, as well as that of his partner, model Amelia Vega who so far is the only Dominican to have won the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2003, while calling their relationship an example for the country.

“I feel so proud of you. Of you Al Horford for being the first to win the ring in the NBA, but also of you as a couple. Amelia the first Dominican Miss Universe, the truth is that you are a couple of example for all Dominicans. Raquel also sends her regards to both Amelia and Al Horford,” she added.

Dominican Al Horford, who at 38 years old won his first NBA ring on Monday, said that this Boston Celtics victory celebrating with his fans is exactly how he had imagined this moment for years.

“I can’t believe it yet. We did it, we’re here, but I can’t believe it,” said the iconic and experienced Latino player at the trophy presentation.

“This is just how I imagined it: here in the Garden, with our fans, all together. That’s how I saw it,” he added.

The Celtics beat the Dallas Mavericks 106-88 to close out the NBA Finals 4-1 and take the ring for a season in which they have been the clear and resounding dominators of the league.

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