Alexis García has been in charge of Dominican volleyball for 25 years

Ramón Alexis García Reyes is an agronomist by profession who served as an announcer for popular music programs, especially bachata in his native San Francisco de Macorís.

Today he is a renowned sports leader who has just been reelected as president of the Dominican Volleyball Federation (FEDOVOLI), in which he has been its holder for 25 years.
Unifying has been his greatest achievement in this discipline, which has reached dozens of honors in international events, especially with the “Queens of the Caribbean”, the women’s volleyball team and at the local level, this sport has had a presence throughout the country.

After 8 elections for president of Fedovoli, García planned not to opt for another term, but circumstances made him desist.

Reasons to continue
“Three things prevented me from leaving,” says Alexis García, who will finish his eighth term in the presidency of Fedovoli.

The first has to do with the probability that this sport, which at one time went through a terrible crisis that forced the removal of a president, will now become divided. The formation of two currents or two factions was in the environment.

“The division was looming. Two camps were formed and they were radicalized to the point that it was bordering on division, ”says García, who was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

He boasts when he says: “I unify, because everyone loves me.” The two currents that emerged determined his re-nomination for the presidency as the only way to avoid division.

Another reason was that people who have been involved in volleyball for years had expressed their determination that if Alexis Garcia left, then they would leave too. “Thinking of those people that I believe should follow and who depend on me, I decided to accept to continue,” adds García, who was also president of the San Francisco de Macorís Volleyball Association.



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