Authorities seek to promote development of sports tourism

The Minister of Tourism and the president of the Organizing Committee of the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games favored the promotion of joint actions so that this regional event could lay the foundations for the creation of a public policy for sports tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Minister David Collado said that sports can move an important niche of tourists and that the country has numerous scenarios, facilities and experience that can be used for sports tourism.

Collado and the president of the Organizing Committee, journalist José P. Monegro, talked about the need for the Government to include sports tourism in its offer as a diverse tourist destination.

Monegro said that for years the country has been holding important and colorful sporting events, but so far they have not been seen as tourism generators.David Collado and Jose Monegro

“A large number of international events are held in the country and if they were part of a public policy, they would serve to attract thousands of tourists from different socioeconomic levels and multiple destinations,” said Monegro.

He recalled that events of great international showiness are held here that attract followers of these sports, as well as athletes and their families, and therefore can be part of the complementary offer of the different tourist areas.

“We have a great opportunity for the country to formalize a sports tourism policy as a complementary offer and contribute to achieve the goal of increasing the number of visitors arriving to the country every year,” said Collado.

The Minister of Tourism guaranteed that he will follow up on the initiative so that the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games serve as a starting point for the definitive establishment of a Sports Tourism policy in the Dominican Republic.


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