Churches, community, sports and social clubs coordinate with authorities “De Vuelta Al Barrio” in Baní

The program “De Vuelta al Barrio”, which will be installed in Baní on November 26 by the Ministry of Interior and Police, has the support of a coalition of churches, neighborhood councils, sports and cultural clubs, which will work together with the authorities in this strategy in favor of the youth.

During a meeting with these sectors, the governor of Peravia, Ángela Yadira Báez, called to know, collaborate and connect with society to make it part of the program, seeking to serve as a platform for changes that will contribute to the physical and mental benefit of youth, especially in the 22 neighborhoods of the northern part, the most vulnerable area.

He asked to work together with the MIP representatives present at the activity, which he presented as a solution to the change of mentality of so many people who need to hear a message of hope from people who left the neighborhood and today have overcome.

He announced that they will convene the Citizen Security and Gender round table at the city hall, with the 125 presidents of the neighborhood councils and all the social organizations.

Elsie López, Director of Coordination of Municipal Tables of the Ministry, announced the participation of sports and art personalities who will tell their stories of overcoming and dedication. She also mentioned the relevance of the business class being linked to the program and being able to respond with jobs.

He indicated that one of the main concerns of this administration is the issue of citizen security and that the program “De Vuelta al Barrio” has been implemented to prevent violence and crime.

He informed that plastic artists will offer painting workshops, so that young people are introduced to the arts and receive scholarships for their training. There will also be theater classes, folkloric dances and other activities to keep children and adolescents busy with art and sports.

He said that the program seeks to make the authorities of Baní responsible and involved in the growth of the children and to support their dreams of self-improvement. He added that they hope to orient around 5,000 people, so that the message gets across as clearly as possible.


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