Cuban cyclist Marlies Mejías, Dominican Republic Mountain Bike Champion

Cuban cyclist Marlies Mejías won the women’s category and was second overall among men in the foreign category of the Dominican Republic’s National Mountain Bike Championship.

Precisely in the capital of that country, Santo Domingo, Marlies reappeared in August internationally victorious in the Pan American Road Cycling Championship, in which she dominated the individual time trial of 20 kilometers.

She continued her preparation in the neighboring island with a view to the world championship, which recently took place in Belgium, but she could not fly to the European country because she did not receive her visa in time.

“I was excited, but I cannot be discouraged, I feel strong and willing to represent my country once again in the Central American and Caribbean Games and the Pan American Games, and in what could be my third Olympic Games in Paris 2024”, she declared.

The Queen of the Central Caribbean Games in Veracruz 2014, where she won five medals, last raced in 2018 in the Barranquilla version when she won three titles in the Cali velodrome, the sub-venue. A month later she achieved another terna at the Pan American Track in the Aguascalientes oval.

“I decided to become a mom and August 19, 2019 was for me a very special day, my daughter Marieth Isabella was born and I have been the happiest woman. She is my engine that drives me to keep dreaming for podiums,” she said.

After her recovery she began to train, even the first months of pandemic in Cuba, at first she did it on the road, then only at home for fear of catching it.

“Then we understood and learned how to take care of ourselves, and I went out to ride again. I also dedicated myself to making masks to help deal with covid-19,” he said.

Since last April he traveled to Santo Domingo and restarted his preparation with a view to the Pan-American announced for that city.

“Coaches Leonel Alvarez and Joel Leal send me the training plans. After winning here the ‘crono’ in the continental championship I prepared myself stronger for the opportunity to go to the world championship, I could not, but I will continue because I am very excited”.

While she returns to Havana next November, she does not stop pedaling.

“I train very early because of the traffic, which is dangerous. I leave at six in the morning with my husband Rafael Germán, from the Dominican national team. My mother-in-law takes care of Isabella. The rest of the time we spend at home trying to take good care of ourselves and first and foremost for the child,” she emphasized.

“German helps me in everything and ensures the sports equipment I need to run, his mother supports me here as my mom does in Cuba. I also hope for the support of the Cuban Federation. I feel good and with desire to compete, but alone it is impossible. I trust in my Cuban cycling family, I miss them as I miss my own, I hug both of them soon”.

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