DR beats Jamaica and moves up to Davis Cup World Group II

Dominican tennis players Roberto Cid and Peter Bertran won again this Friday in the World Group III of the Davis Cup that gives three places to the Play-offs of the World Group II 2025.

The tournament is being played at the International Tennis Club of Asuncion, Paraguay. On Monday, the Dominican Republic won its series 3-0 against Bermuda, while on Tuesday it did the same against Guatemala, 2-1. On Wednesday, the Creoles won 3-0 over Puerto Rico. This Friday they also defeated Jamaica 2-1, to thus achieve the promotion to the Play-offs of the World Group II 2025.

On Friday, Peter Bertran defeated John Chin of Jamaica, 6-1, in a one hour and 10 minutes walk.

Roberto Cid worked harder against Blaise Bicknell, whom he defeated by 6-4 and 6-2, in one hour and 21 minutes.

In doubles, Blaise Bicknell and John Chin defeated Dominicans Alejandro Gandini and Antonio Iaquinto, 6-3 3-6, 10-5, in one hour and 28 minutes. However, the series had already been won by the Dominicans.

The Dominicans won Group B, with 4-0, Jamaica 2-2, Bermuda 2-1, Puerto Rico 1-2 and Guatemala 0-4.

The tournament has a four-team pool (Pool A) and a five-team pool (Pool B). The two teams finishing first in each group will move up with the nation finishing third.

The nation finishing last in Group B will be relegated with the nation finishing eighth.

The tournament gives three promotions, two relegations.


“Mission accomplished. Reaching the Davis Cup Group II Play-offs was the goal we came for and we achieved it with great solidity, winning a difficult zone. Now, on Saturday, we have to enjoy the match with Paraguay”, indicated Jhonny Berrido, captain of the Dominican team, to www.copadavis.com.

-Now that the objective has been achieved, will the final be played with less pressure?

Yes, of course. It can empower our singles players even more. Roberto (Cid) is looking forward to face Daniel Vallejo, who is the best placed player in the series. We are a very competitive team and we want to beat the Paraguayans at home. They have a very good team, but I have full confidence in my players.

– Did you imagine beforehand that the singles players were going to solve many points?
I had a lot of confidence in them. And the guys didn’t fail in any of their singles. Honestly, they played at a very high level. Besides, it allowed me to give the rest of the juniors a chance to play doubles.

-If Peter Bertran always played like that, his ranking would be a “liar”?
Yes, he plays very well. Here he has shown his best version. He has great shots, solidity, goes to the net. In other words, he is the best number two racket in this tournament. And if he gets continuity in the circuit he could be 300 or 200 in the ranking, why not?



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