Corales Puntacana Championship: an event on another level

Thanks to the Puntacana Group, the PGA Tour visited the country to celebrate the sixth edition of the Corales Puntacana Championship. There is much to say and write about this great event that put the Dominican Republic in the eye of world golf and that places us as the center of attention of tourism in general and golf. I would like to highlight important aspects that made this edition special, which I know will be remembered for a long time. I’ll start!

Greater quantity and quality of public. Without fear of being wrong, of the six tournaments, this was the one that had the most support from the local public. So much so, that one afternoon I left the venue to make a recording for my program, and when I returned there was a small “blockage” at the entrance to the parking lots because they were returning cars, because they were full. That had NEVER happened before. Obviously I was happy, because it means that people are supporting the tournament. I commented it with Don Frank in a trivial conversation, and his words were: “Felix, the Dominican public is learning to enjoy and value this event. It is a great joy for us”. Obviously the organization added parking and everything was solved. Ah, the fans already know how to be quiet, not to move, and not to shout when there is action nearby.

The competition. By Sunday’s close, two players were in the lead and four were in second place, just one stroke behind. Simply Matt Wallace was superior scoring birdies on four consecutive holes (13, 14, 15 and 16), and that defined his win. To see a player who came in with a sponsor’s exemption finish alone in second was also satisfying (Nicolai Høgaard). I think the average age of the Top 10 ranges from 23 to 28, which speaks very well for the immediate future of the PGA Tour.Campeonato Corales Punta cana

Course conditions. Without any doubt I saw a Corales in all its splendor, despite the headache that superintendent Julio Diaz and his team had, due to the great drought that has hit the area in recent months. A month ago I was there at the Grand Final of the Canita Tour, and honestly I saw the course with some reservation in view of the few days left for the tournament, but that team worked magic working 20 and 21 hours a day, and put the course in its point. The players expressed it, the TV was praising Julio and his staff, and the public noticed it too. Hats off to them. Thanks for making us look good to the world.

Entertainment activities. I have been to over 40 PGA Tour tournaments (including 18 majors), and without fear of contradiction, and with that accumulated experience, I dare say that ours must be the envy of many tournaments, in the area of entertainment. Every day there was live music, activities for the whole family, concerts (Manny Cruz performed on Saturday), and delights in the A&B area. In previous editions people left early, but now people stayed to enjoy the evening. Undoubtedly, a great success.

Public Relations. A department that “makes no noise” but is vital for the diffusion of the event. Congratulations to Jessica Risik and all her staff for a week of a job well done. Thanks to the local press, who also took a special interest in the tournament.

THE tournament returns in 2024, and I hope it continues to show the world that this country is the golf tourism mecca of Latin America.


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