Government delivers RD$84 MM for remodeling Tetelo Vargas stadium

With the objective of achieving the remodeling of the Tetelo Vargas Stadium, with a view to the participation of the Estrellas Orientales in the next 2024-2025 Autumn-Winter Baseball Tournament, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez Durán, delivered today a certificate of funds for RD 84,008,154.60, as a first item for the works being carried out.

The contribution was received by Jorge Torres, technical director of the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom), and Jesús Manuel Feris Ferrús, representing the Estrellas Orientales baseball team.

“It is appropriate to highlight the importance of this work for President Luis Abinader; he has instructed us to pay full attention to the work being done in these facilities, so that everything will be ready for the start of the next baseball tournament,” said Igor.

“I also want to highlight the management work that the president of the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom), Vitelio Mejía, and the National Baseball Commissioner, Junior Noboa, have been doing, so that by joining wills we can achieve the objective in this land of baseball players,” added Igor.

For his part, Jesús Manuel Feris Ferrús expressed his gratitude for the contribution and effort made by the Dominican Government so that the Tetelo Vargas Stadium will have the quality standards for the next tournament. He said that every day more and more people are joining the passion for baseball in San Pedro de Macorís.

In his tour of the Sultana del Este, Rodríguez visited the Mayor’s Office of San Pedro de Macorís, where he held a meeting with Mayor Raymundo Ortiz Díaz and the Board of Aldermen, to whom he delivered a certificate of funds for RD 12 million for the remodeling of three baseball stadiums. At the same time, he delivered a certificate of funds for the purchase of a modern bus to the Students Association of the UASD San Pedro de Macoris Center.

Together with the provincial authorities, Rodriguez paid a courtesy visit to Bishop Santiago Rodriguez, then toured the historic center to visit the Museo del Pelotero Petromacorisano, and finally, the Laguna de Mallén, works that will soon be delivered by President Abinader.

Also participating in the tour were the deputies, Carolina Paula and Luis Gomez; in addition to the directors of Mapre, Johnny Gonzalez and Joel Nazario Bruga

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