Government promotes sports and police infrastructure in SD

With the purpose of continuing to create spaces that promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as continuing to improve the working conditions of the members of the police force, in addition to providing the resources to have an increasingly efficient National Police, the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, began construction work on the Jardines del Norte Sports and Cultural Club and handed over the Punta Torrecilla detachment.

The recreational project will provide hundreds of young people with a safe space of 2,936 square meters for sports, cultural and social activities.

The club, which will be built through the Ministry of Housing and Buildings, will have an investment of RD 82.3 million and includes the construction of basketball and volleyball courts, parking lots, offices, bathrooms/dressing rooms and landscaping.

During the start of the works, Vice President Raquel Peña expressed that this first step is an act of justice for the long wait of the community of Jardines del Norte and fulfills the objective outlined by President Luis Abinader to provide Dominicans with dignified spaces where they can practice sports and enjoy healthy entertainment.

“The investment we are making in these facilities is more than an investment in infrastructure; we are investing in the physical and mental health of Dominicans”, added Peña after pointing out that “every young person who supports his or her community, every child who learns a sport, every person who participates in cultural activities brings us closer to a strong country, a healthy country, a country that continues to move forward”.

On his side, Minister Carlos Bonilla said that the project responds to a demand of more than 50 years by the community and the Government will settle that debt with the construction of a space that will promote culture and sports in the place.

Police infrastructure

Later, Vice President Raquel Peña went to the Maquiteria sector, in Santo Domingo East, where she inaugurated the Punta Torrecilla police station.

This is a police facility built by the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development, directed by Ángel de la Cruz, for which an investment of RD 20,823,885.73 was earmarked.

In this regard, the Vice President said that this work is part of the initiatives within the framework of the National Police Reform and the Citizen Security Plan, to continue promoting the transformation that will turn the communities of the country into safer and more peaceful spaces.

He added that, in addition to adapting the spaces for the agents to develop their functions in adequate places, these plans show other important advances such as the expansion of the Police Institute of Higher Education, the training plans offered by the academies, the deployment of joint forces between the National Police and the Armed Forces, new technological tools, the salary increase, together with the delivery of apartments of the National Housing Plan Happy Family to members of the National Police.

Meanwhile, Angel de la Cruz stressed the vital importance of security and said that the construction of a police detachment in this area will not only strengthen the protection and welfare of residents, but will also contribute significantly to crime prevention and the maintenance of public order.

The detachment has two levels, with a construction area of 252.70 m2, has a men’s jail, women’s jail, kitchen-dining room, equipment storage, ladies’ dormitories, criminal investigations, restrooms, weapons storage, reception, waiting room, complaints reception office, dormitories, deputy commander’s department, assistant’s department, meeting room and commanders’ office.


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