INEFI and CNOE sign inter-institutional agreement

The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) and the National Committee of Special Olympics (CNOE) signed this Tuesday an inter-institutional agreement, through which both institutions commit to promote sports involving athletes with some psychomotor deficiencies.

The agreement was signed by the executive director of INEFI, Alberto Rodríguez Mella, and Guillermo Álvarez, president of Special Olympics, who highlighted the need and urgency for special athletes to be taken into account in the national sports arena.

In that sense, Rodríguez Mella declared that “for INEFI it is an honor to strengthen ties and contribute with Special Olympics, since it is a great achievement for education, especially for students with disabilities, to support this sport modality”.

Rodriguez Mella acknowledged that special athletes are in need of help, “and we must emphasize that they also represent the country in national and international competitions.”

“Since my functions as deputy minister I have always had this sports line pending, and I am aware of the shortcomings and little support given to a sector that represents 10 or 14% of the population. We must do more to favor the athletes that make up this conglomerate”, revealed Rodríguez Mella at the headquarters of the decentralized organization.

Guillermo Alvarez was very flattered and grateful to Rodriguez Mella for having welcomed the institution he presides because “we really need INEFI to support us in various activities and projects that we plan to carry out.”

“I am confident that this agreement will have many positive aspects that will benefit the special athlete,” he concluded.

Joint activities

To carry out this agreement, both institutions will carry out a series of activities, including two intramural sports tournaments and training courses for technicians and staff of both organizations.

INEFI will encourage coaches from the National Special Olympics Committee, as well as from educational centers nationwide, by disciplines, to implement the activities developed jointly.

New CNOE monitors will also be appointed in the different educational centers of the country, “with the understanding that all monitors who implement programs must be duly certified, according to Special Olympics guidelines.

INEFI, in addition, will create new disciplines in coordination with the CNOE and will appoint the technical director of Sports, Eddy Gonzalez, full time in Special Olympics to ensure compliance and development of the agreement.”

Meanwhile, the National Committee of Special Olympics will participate together with INEFI in trainings on intellectual disability, unified sport and first aid management, oriented to physical education teachers, monitors and related persons.

The CNOE shall certify INEFI’s Physical Education personnel in intellectual disability, in compliance with Special Olympics guidelines.


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