Interview with former baseball player Sammy Sosa at PGR concludes after nearly four hours

Former baseball player Sammy Sosa left the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in total silence, after being interrogated for about four hours about his relationship with some of the companies of Alexis Medina, the main accused in the Antipulpo corruption scheme.

Emery Rodríguez, Sosa’s defense lawyer, said that she would not offer details about what was discussed in the interview due to the privacy of the investigation.

The lawyer did not specify to the press if they had to appear a second time at the Attorney General’s Office to continue the interview, but said that more details will be provided as it develops.

The well-known former major league baseball player Sammy Sosa arrived at the Attorney General’s Office to be interrogated by deputy prosecutors Yeni Berenice and Wilson Camacho at approximately two o’clock in the afternoon.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, on August 31, 2017 José Antonio Peralta Sosa (Sammy’s brother) received a power of attorney to open a bank account at Brickell Bank in the United States, as well as to take credit facilities, either a loan or line of credit in the name of the company, up to the amount of four million dollars for purposes of operations and product purchases.

Likewise, the documents indicate that with this power of attorney, Jose Antonio was authorized to be the only person to use and dispose of said account.

That same day, Sammy Sosa was also authorized to manage a loan or line of credit on behalf of the company.

The Pepca file details that the loan was “up to an amount no greater than 10 million US dollars before the Progreso bank of the Dominican Republic, being authorized to sign any document for the acquisition of said facility and to dispose of the same as he deems”.

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