MLB: Royals and the Dominicans on their roster

Not many Dominicans are present in the Kansas City Royals 40-man roster, but those that are there stand out and are valuable to the team’s cause.

As of December 1, 2021, up to four Dominicans are included in the 40-man roster, three born in Quisqueya and another who, despite being born far from the Dominican Republic, is as Dominican as those born on the island.

Let’s review who are the names of the Dominican players who are with the Royals

Carlos Santana
The Santo Domingo-born ambidextrous right-hander is coming off his first season playing for the Royals in which he left much to be desired in his performance.

His batting average was just .214 (565-121), connecting 19 homers and pushing 69 runs striking out in 102 opportunities leaving a negative WAR (-0.2).

A veteran of 12 seasons in the Majors with great seasons with the Cleveland Indians, on December 8, 2020 he signed a two-year, $17.5 million contract with the Royals as a free agent.

Carlos Santana, now almost 36 years old (born April 8, 1986), will have the opportunity to reignite his laurels with the Royals in the second year of his contract.

It will also be the opportunity to serve as a mentor to one of the most promising rookies developing in the Royals’ farm system: Nick Pratto who in 2021 connected 36 home runs and 98 runs batted in in 2021 between AA and AAA.

Carlos Santana’s time with the Royals may not end next season.

Adalberto Mondesí
The son of Raúl Mondesí was born in Los Angeles, California when his father played for the Dodgers, but he is as Dominican as the merengue.

Adalberto Mondesí had an injury-plagued season after playing in 59 of the 60 games in the 2020 campaign and only participated in 35 challenges in the 2021 season.

His statistics were discreet (126-29 AVE .230), however, half of his hits were extra-base hits (8 doubles, a triple and 6 home runs) and he stole 15 bases in 16 attempts.

At only 25 years old, Adalberto Mondesí faces an uncertain 2022 season in which he may have to cover a position other than shortstop.

The extraordinary performance of Nicky Lopez defending shortstop and the imminent advent of super prospect Bobby Witt Jr. Adalberto Mondesí seems to be the right one to cover the middle infield.

Domingo Tapia
Two Dominicans came to the Royals during the 2021 season both pitchers, the first to arrive was Domingo Tapia from the Seattle Mariners on May 8.

Tapia, who was born in the capital of the Dominican Republic on August 4, 1991, had a hard time making it to the big team with the Royals.

It was on July 24 when he pitched for the first time with the Royals and from there he left very good impressions in his performances on the mound.

He registered a record of 4 wins and 1 loss with a good effectiveness (ERA 2.84) in 31.2 innings and 25 strikeouts.

With a WHIP of 1.11 and a FIP of 3.33 he was a good option to keep in the low-scoring game to give the Royals a chance to win.

For 2022 Domingo Tapia aims to make the team to be able to ratify his performance last season.

Joel Payamps
The most recent Dominican joined the Royals mid-season.

Right-handed pitcher Joel Payamps, originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic, was acquired by the Royals on July 21 from the Toronto Blue Jays.

During his tenure with the Kansas City team he had a record of 1-1 ERA 4.43, achieving his first victory as a big-leaguer on August 28 against the Seattle Mariners in a relief role for 2.2 innings.

He had a season performance of 50 innings and one-third shared between the Blue Jays and Royals in which he split 38 strikeouts.

Joel Payamps will fight for a spot among the 26 players who will form the roster on the Royals’ Openning Day.

These are the 4 Dominicans (for the moment) who will try to make their mark on the Royals in the 2022 season.


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